In this project, we want to investigate fundamental research questions in the field of postoperative analysis of ophthalmic surgery videos (OSVs). More precisely, three research objectives are covered: (1) Classification of OSV segments – is it possible to improve upon the state-of-the-art in automatic content classification and content segmentation of OSVs, focusing on regular and irregular operation phases? (2) Relevance prediction and relevance-driven compression – how accurately can the relevance of OSV segments be determined automatically for educational, scientific, and documentary purposes (as medical experts would do), and what compression efficiency can be achieved for OSVs when considering relevance as an additional modality? (3) Analysis of common irregularities in OSVs for medical research – we address three quantitative medical research questions related to cataract surgeries, such as: is there a statistically significant difference in duration or complication rate between cataract surgeries showing intraoperative pupil reactions and those showing no such pupil reactions?

The project is funded by the FWF Austrian Science Fund under grant P 31486-N31. Project duration: October 2018 – September 2022